El origen del genio

Director: Itziar del Río

Producer: Loreto Ormad

Producer Company: SinPalabras Creativos

Agency: SinPalabras Creativos

Client: Patronato Municipal de Turismo. Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Country: Spain


   ‘The Origin of Genius’ is a spot made for the Tourism Department of the Zaragoza City Council that

highlights the figure of Francisco de Goya as a key tourist attraction of the city. Goya, one of the
greatest masters of Spanish painting, was born in Fuendetodos in 1746 and moved to Zaragoza
as a child. He lived here until the age of 29, and in this city, he forged his character and developed
his artistic talent. The video follows in the footsteps of the young Goya, from his first encounters
with painting to his early successes. The narrative merges the classic with the modern, presenting
a female protagonist with a contemporary aesthetic, who explores the places where Goya lived and
worked. Through dynamic shots and a dynamic execution, the video showcases the essence of Goya
as an immortal icon whose creativity remains alive in present-day Zaragoza.






The main objective of the video is to highlight Goya’s figure as a differentiating and attractive ele-
ment in Zaragoza’s tourism offer. By showing the link between the artist and the city, the video aims
to increase interest and visitor numbers to Goya-related sites. Additionally, it seeks to update and
modernize the perception of Goya, demonstrating that his work and legacy are as relevant today as
they were in his time. The video calls for exploring the Zaragoza that shaped the genius.