Director: Itziar del Río y Loreto Ormad

Producer: Loreto Ormad

Producer Company: SinPalabras Creativos

Agency: SinPalabras Creativos

Client: Gobierno de Aragón

Country: Spain


‘Aragón Land of Everyone’ is a video created for the Government of Aragón to invite people to cele-
brate April 23, the Day of Aragón, a date that commemorates the values and identity of this Spanish
region. The video showcases lush landscapes while a couple of jota dancers add a touch of folklore
to the presentation. These young dancers wear traditional costumes and adapt the dance to a con-
temporary style. With immersive images of nature, friendly faces, and festive moments, the project
captures the essence of Aragón: a welcoming place full of magic, love, and passion. The voice-over
by actor Joaquín Murillo, with his gravitas and theatrical experience, creates a deep emotional con-
nection with the audience, highlighting the nobility and perseverance of its people.






The main objective of the video is to promote Aragonese pride and identity, highlighting the cultural
and natural richness of the region. By showcasing the vitality of its people and the depth of its lands-
capes, the video strengthens the sense of community. Additionally, it aims to increase the visibility of
Aragón as a diverse tourist destination, inspiring viewers to visit and explore the region. The video
evokes nostalgia and empathy, especially on a significant date like April 23.