LUV fest – the Festival of Love, Art and Rambling

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Producer: -

Producer Company: Bright d.o.o.

Agency: N/A

Client: Ljubljana Tourism

Country: Slovenia


The video outlines experiences that Ljubljana offers as part of the newest festival of the city – LUV fest: exploring the city, museums and galleries, dancing, music, celebration of spring, and more. In the video, we emphasise creativity, urbanity, authenticity and eventfulness, and show the diverse faces of love, which is not only romantic, but also love for culture, art, heritage, research, travel and new experiences – an emotion that motivates our actions and brings meaning into our lives.


The festival is envisaged as a key motive for increasing tourism in February and March, which are defined as off-season months and with the greatest potential for future development. By 2027, Ljubljana will position itself as a must-visit destination even during this time. We are implementing strategic efforts to deseasonalise Ljubljana’s tourism, and aim to raise domestic and international visibility of Ljubljana as a city of culture and a creative capital for a City Break.