Creative Handicraft Workshops

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Producer Company: Bright d.o.o.

Agency: N/A

Client: Ljubljana Tourism

Country: Slovenia


We invite you into the charming and transformative worlds of Ljubljana's craftswomen and craftsmen, where dedication and attention guide our attitudes into a new appreciation of creativity. In the video we visit the workshops of Marija, the umbrella maker, Eva, the sculptor, Marko, the printmaker, Christoph, the goldsmith and Mojca, the weaver – finding joy in the unique experience, newfound skills and knowledge, seeing and being seen in a fresh light.


The video aims to promote the experiential offer of Creative Handicraft Workshops. We offer visitors to Ljubljana the opportunity to experience the destination through active participation and personal engagement, creating a unique experience that resonates with the local community in which they are vacationing. Simultaneously, we strive to meet the needs of a new generation of travellers who seek fresh experiences, knowledge, and connections with the local population in diverse cultures.