We All Start Somewhere

Director: Alen Tkalcec

Producer: Tajana Bukovic

Producer Company: -

Agency: -

Client: -

Country: Croatia


In 2023 I embarked on an incredible journey, traversing 23 countries. My camera was my passport to a world of untold stories, from the awe-inspiring heights of the world's tallest waterfalls to encounters with remote tribes untouched by modernity.

Yet, amidst this whirlwind of discovery, I found myself questioning the pursuit. In the simplest lives I encountered, I saw a contentment that eluded my relentless chase for the extraordinary.

This year's travels weren't just about the places I visited or the scenes I captured; they were about understanding my own story. It's not the distances that matter, but the moments we cherish. As a storyteller, I've learned that true fulfillment comes not from showcasing the world's wonders, but from appreciating the beauty in everyday simplicity.

Join me on my journey, and let's discover together that sometimes, the most profound stories are hidden in the simplest of moments.