V Festa de l'Ecoturisme del Delta de l'Ebre - Summary video

Director: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer Company: Vèrtex Creatius, SL


Client: Associació d’Empreses d’Ecoturisme del Delta de l’Ebre

Country: Spain


The summary video of the 5th Delta del Ebro Ecotourism Festival is a visual journey through the 2023 edition, an event that this year focused on an increasingly necessary and unavoidable issue: universal ecotourism.

The video showcases all the ecotourism activities that took place over the weekend in the Ebro Delta, highlighting the promotion of accessible and inclusive activities for everyone. It features footage captured during that weekend, including stunning images of the Ebro Delta’s nature and various light tones throughout the day, creating a very special, warm, and intimate visual atmosphere. This is complemented by the rhythm and lyrics of the song ‘Lo meu riu’ by Joan Rovira, a local singer-songwriter who also participated in the event to explain and demonstrate how music can awaken our senses.


The video summary of the V Ecotourism Festival of the Ebro Delta has a series of closely related objectives. Firstly, as an initiative of the Association of Ecotourism Companies of the Ebro Delta (AEEDE), it aims to promote the region responsibly among its various target audiences. The film achieves this by illustrating all the ecotourism activities carried out over the weekend in the Ebro Delta, focusing on promoting accessible and inclusive activities for everyone.

Additionally, simultaneously, the video contributes to the dissemination of the Ecotourism Ebro Delta brand (also an AEEDE initiative), thus positioning the region as a destination for universal ecotourism. Furthermore, it aims to stimulate demand for tourism throughout the year, encouraging longer stays.