The perfect setting - Município de Aljezur

Director: Pedro Garganta

Producer: Slideshow

Producer Company: -

Agency: -

Client: Município de Aljezur

Country: Portugal


The narrative of this video is based on the relationship between a family of three members. The son is making a film for school, the theme of which is Aljezur. He sets up a somewhat rudimentary set, with cardboard and other props, and prepares to use his parents as actors in his project. From this scenario, we transition from an “amateur” environment designed by a child, to a cinematic reality that is much more professional and cinematic than one could imagine. The idea is to use the child's eyes and imagination, which in this case translate into the viewer's perspective, to show Aljezur in an original and creative way. The father will be responsible for the narration, and will be delivered in direct speech, facing the camera, playing the role of actor in the film itself. “In a film, what matters is not reality, but what the imagination can extract from it.” Charles Chaplin


Promote the municipality of Aljezur as an exceptional tourist destination, with a wide range of tourist products, making it the right choice for a holiday.