DeltaChamber Music Festival 2023 - Summary video

Director: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer Company: Vèrtex Creatius, SL


Client: Assoc. DeltaChamber Music Festival

Country: Spain


The summary video of the 8th edition of DeltaChamber Music Festival, the international chamber music festival in Terres de l’Ebre, offers a captivating visual journey through the ‘Arrels i paraules’ concerts, an innovative programme that merged chamber music with voice for the first time in the festival’s history.

Words intertwine with roots music in the form of poetry, giving the music a more intimate, contained air, with melodies of unparalleled beauty yet simplicity… pure romanticism. A very special programme, performed by the talented artists of the festival, combining the exceptional voices of a soprano and a mezzo-soprano with the virtuosity of prestigious woodwind and string sections as well as pianists, including five young talents.

The edition, held in 2023, provided a unique experience, showing us the richness and depth of compositions by multiple composers in an exceptionally beautiful and complex format. An intimate and moving musical experience that will forever remain in our memories thanks to this film that visually traverses those intense and emotive festival weeks.

The music in the video comes from the live music recorded from the 8th edition’s ‘Arrels i paraules: Programa 1’ central concert in the Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre, in Amposta: W. A. Mozart, Parto Parto Ma tu Ben mio de ‘La Clemenza di Tito K. 621’ for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano.


The film about the 8th edition of DeltaChamber Music Festival aims to provide an immersive and thrilling experience that captures the essence and artistic quality of the festival. In addition to showcasing the highlights of the 2023 concerts, it aims to promote Terres de l’Ebre as a destination of cultural interest through chamber music.

By highlighting the diversity and excellence of the festival’s programming, as well as its impact on the local community and the international stage, the video aims to attract new audiences and enhance the festival’s reputation as a prominent cultural reference in the region and beyond.