CULTURE IT’S ALL OF US! Loud. Authentic. Connecting.

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Producer: -

Producer Company: FORAFILM

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Client: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH

Country: Australia


The 2.5-minute centrepiece of the campaign, “CULTURE IT´S ALL OF US! Loud. Authentic. Connecting.”, showcases 22 cultural ambassadors from Upper Austria, including TikTok star Fazlija. The campaign positions the region as a unifying hub for cultural encounters and a breeding ground that not only fosters exceptional artists but also actively involves both visitors and locals in experiencing and engaging with the local culture.


The goal is to showcase Upper Austria as a fascinating travel destination. Currently, 21% of tourists to Upper Austria are interested in arts, culture and culinary experiences. The campaign was launched to cater to this interest and increase its proportion. The campaign aims to present Upper Austria as a diverse, open and accessible cultural landscape where both visitors and locals can intimately experience and partake in it. This aligns with the region’s cultural mission: “Artists create artworks, but culture emerges as the collective product of a society.”