Leiria. A Region to See and Live In!

Director: -

Producer: Fisheye Productions

Producer Company: OONIFY

Agency: -

Client: Comunidade Intermunicipal de Leiria

Country: Portugal


In a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence, we challenge reconnection. Living is an emotional Experience. Intelligence alone is not enough to understand the world or a place.
Emotions experienced in the right place, stay with us, forever.
Leiria is more than a destination to explore; It is an invitation to feel life in all its dimensions.
Here, every corner reveals a new promise of discovery. From the imposing castles and monasteries, to the serene beaches and dense mountains, Leiria awaits you.
But what really makes Leiria special is its people.
The cuisine reflects the richness of the land and sea. The business dynamics and employment opportunities reflect the region's entrepreneurial spirit, while the cultural offer and recreational activities guarantee an always full agenda.
In Leiria every moment is a story, every sensation an eternal memory.


Artificial intelligence has arrived in force. It's on everyone's lips without anyone being able to predict, with certainty, what effects it will have on our lives or our world.
We start from this reality to declare that in the Leiria Region, more than artificial intelligence, it will always be possible to find something very human that will never go out of style: an “EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE”. Human.
We start with a humorous tone to convey a more institutional message, ending with an inspirational tone that calls for a universal message: nothing can surpass the experience of a human being.
And the best of all is experienced here: in the CIMRL territory, in the Leiria Region.