Tomate tu tiempo (Take your time)

Director: Alfredo Luengo Urrea

Producer: -

Producer Company: somos 100x100

Agency: -

Client: -

Country: Spain


"Toma tu tiempo" (Take your time) is a tourism promotion campaign of the Commonwealth of Municipalities in the A Mariña Lucense, which is part of a broader brand positioning project.

The audiovisual is the central axis of a set of creative pieces that revolve around the 16 municipalities that make up a unique territory, with a common identity and a feeling of belonging to the territory, the character and the landscape.

The campaign claim, "Toma tu tiempo" - "Take your time", marks a speech with two objectives: to promote the tourist destination A Mariña Lucense and to delve into the feeling of belonging of its population.

Take your time is more than an invitation to discover a place in the world that will not leave you indifferent, it is the gift of a destination that offers the most precious asset: time. Because A Mariña is the place to recover what is ours and reconquer what routine and haste have taken from us: time.

The campaign is part of a repositioning strategy for the tourist destination, which includes rebranding and brand storytelling, with a new image based on the legacy of what time has designed in A Mariña.