(Re)Turn to the body

Director: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer Company: Vèrtex Creatius, SL

Agency: Vèrtex Creatius, SL

Client: Kalamata International Dance Festival

Country: Greece


Creative summary video of the 29th Kalamata Dance Festival, Greece’s prestigious contemporary dance festival and one of the most renowned in Europe.

The video shoot begins on the festival’s opening day and is edited in tandem with the event, allowing the summary video to be presented on the closing ceremony. This real-time production adds a unique challenge and dynamic energy to the project.

The complexity of this audiovisual work lies in the videographer’s meticulous selection of the most representative movements and scenes from all the festival’s performances. The result is a masterpiece that, in under three minutes, encapsulates the essence of over 25 performances, multiple events, and parallel activities.

The editing aims for utmost precision through a cut montage that perfectly synchronises the music with the performer’s movements, creating a video dance, a new visual choreography that sums up the entire event.

Noteworthy are the abundant close-ups and tight shots that eliminate spatial references, a significant achievement given that the footage is captured during live performances with the audience present. This requires the videographer to maintain a prudent distance and operate without free movement. Additionally, he often faces limited lighting conditions designed for stage performances rather than filming, adding another layer of difficulty.

Overall, this audiovisual piece not only documents but also celebrates and artistically reinterprets the passion for creativity that defines Kalamata Dance Festival, and that transforms the city of Kalamata into a cultural and artistic experience for a brief yet intensively vibrant period.


As highlighted and developed in the previous sections, this summary video / dance video of the 29th edition of Kalamata Dance Festival aims to capture and convey the essence of one of Europe’s most prestigious contemporary dance events, thereby solidifying its position in the cultural sphere. Through a careful selection and editing of the most representative moments from each performance, the video not only documents but also reinterprets, encapsulates, and disseminates the creativity and passion that define the festival. This audiovisual piece seeks to immerse the viewer in a new visual choreography that synchronises the movements of the performers from over 25 performances and other activities, offering a refreshed and condensed experience in under three minutes.

Another primary goal of the video is to attract the attention of potential attendees on a global scale. By showcasing the quality and high artistic standards of this event, the video aims to ignite interest among contemporary dance enthusiasts and cultural sector professionals.

Finally, the film plays a promotional role by highlighting Kalamata as a site of special cultural interest, showcasing how the festival transforms this Greek city into a vibrant global artistic hub.