French Camera

Director: Ardavan Zeini Sogh

Producer: Keyvan Kasirian and Ardavan Zeini sogh

Producer Company: Minerva International Movie

Agency: Elaheh Godarzi

Client: Elaheh Godarzi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


A bicycle tourist family consisting of woman, man and children enters Iran on the way of tourism and travel around the world. On the way of cycling tourists in Iran, they entered Fars province and in Firozabad city of Fars, they lost their camera which they had taken during the trip. When someone else in another city of Fars province named Qir-o-Karzin knows about loss of camera, they bought a camera and give It as a gift to tourists. After learning about this, the film crew went to Fars province and took action to find the tourists' camera. 


The dream of engraving memories in a person's mind, or inscription of memoirs. The result is due to comprehensive cultural view of life. Every day together, we make memories that will become path of our dreams.