THE ENCHANTING TRAIL. The Discovery of the Via degli Dei

Director: Diego Zicchetti

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Country: Italy


The Via degli Dei is the symbol in Italy of what many call the "revolution" of the paths. An explosion of presences so impressive if you think about how this path was born: from the initiative in the 90s of a group of friends, who went around cleaning up paths and eating in the taverns scattered along the Apennines. A story that crosses another: the story of two passionate archaeologists, who have dedicated their lives to the search for traces of the ancient military Flaminia.


The message of this film is the importance of enjoying the beauty that characterizes this wonderful country, Italy, thanks to the trail. Walking alone or in company is a form of sustainable tourism and  it is a means to feel good and healthy. In addiction the film aims at telling the story of a group of volunteers, who over the years has put any effort to maintain this beauty and share it with others: thanks to their service for the common good, the protagonists of the documentary have rediscovered La Via degli Dei, which has now become a European phenomenon. Their example gave rise to a movement committed to maintaining the paths of this path. The film wants to shine the spotlight on them too.