Dating Planet A

Director: Johannes Felder, Jonathan Hofmeister

Producer: Johannes Felder, Jonathan Hofmeister

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Client: -

Country: Germany


Dating Planet A” is the name of a laconic and expressive kaleidoscope of images and music by the artist Johannes Felder and the musician Jonathan Hofmeister. A cinema concert experience with live music by the band “Hotties” that fuses film and music. This sometimes funny, sometimes touchingly poetic image and sound puzzle is about being in the world, its beauty and vulnerability. Merging cinematic short stories about the ground we stand on, its danger and at the same time its magnificent diversity. And all of this with a gripping acoustic and visual pull.

The music is played live in the cinema, complemented by atmospheric sounds and monologues within the film's sound. What's innovative here is that the spectrum ranging from concert to movie, film music to free jazz, art film to documentary has been shaped into a comprehensive experience. The artistic processing of the conservation theme becomes multidimensional and experiential. To illustrate, live sequences from a performance at KommKino Nürnberg were inserted in the film upload at 0:00:00 to 0:01:03, 0:33:49 to 00:34:30, and 1:01:31 to 1:03:14. For an actual performance, there is a film version in which no live sequences are visible and the film music is not included. This is always played live and gains a new nuance each time through improvised passages.