TOUROULIS - Voyage entre de Larzac et le Causse-Comtal

Director: SICHI Stéphane

Producer: SICHI Stéphane

Producer Company: La Nauze Productions


Client: Circuit Cinémas

Country: France


The Touroulis is a bird, the screaming oedicnema. They are not rare on Earth, but here, on Larzac and the Aveyron causses, he disappears.
By following the flight of this bird, we discover the landscapes the limestone plateaus that surround us but above all its fauna and flora,
its flocks of sheep, its villages, sometimes with these men who still cling like him to the good old days of then,
or those who play in its settings, in its gorges and its bowels or on its cliffs…
Touroulis, offers a poetic expedition from Larzac to the Causse Comtal and celebrates the beauty of our world to be preserved.


We used the pretext of the migration of this bird to poetically discover our territory seen from above, as close as possible to the ground and in its depths with caving.
Thanks to a captivating soundtrack, beautiful images, a moderate pace... We allowed the viewer, during the time of this film, a moment to let go.
The underlying message of this film is that if we wish to maintain the beauty of its landscapes and its biodiversity, it is necessary to make every effort to preserve and protect nature and the environment, whether in Aveyron or on our planet.