Land of legends - Best of

Director: Lucas Allain, Nicolas Goudeau Monvois & Guilaine Bergeret

Producer: Nathanaël Friloux

Producer Company: Guindala Production

Agency: Ampersand

Client: Arte G.E.I.E.

Country: France


Fire. Earth. Water. Air. These four elements have crafted unbelievable landscapes and generated extraordinary natural phenomena.

These geological, physical, or biological wonders have always fascinated humanity and given birth to numerous legends. But what is the scientific reality behind these legends? Scientists and storytellers combine their knowledge to tell the story of unique locations.

Visually breathtaking, both informative and entertaining, this series offers a cinematographic journey to some of the world’s most beautiful natural landmarks.


The Lands of legends series offers a different way of discovering extraordinary territories through their origins and the legends that accompany them. This approach offers advantages, as we place the presentation of the territories on a purely aesthetic level, but also on an educational and cultural one. How was this place created ? What are its wonders ? And what is its cultural heritage? These are the 3 questions that this film answers.