Au coeur de nos forêts

Director: Henry Saubot

Producer: Henry Saubot

Producer Company: WILLCOM


Client: Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

Country: France


For over 100 years, Groupama has taken a long-term approach to planning and managing its forest investments. The group, which is the third-largest private forest owner in France (with over 22,000 hectares), takes account of aspects including the changing climate, biodiversity, landscape balance, waste recovery, carbon offsetting and wildlife.
As we watch and listen to the men and women in this video, we see their passion, their expertise and, above all, their values of humility and knowledge-sharing. This film, which shows us the extent of Groupama’s social responsibility, presents a dreamlike, touching vision of the forester’s role while shining a spotlight on the group’s sustainable management.


According to European laws and regulations, mutual insurance groups such as Groupama are required to have a portfolio of assets to confirm their strength as a business and their ability to meet their life and non-life insurance liabilities. Forest investments are less well known than purely financial investments or those in urban property, but are also considered and targeted. The group manages its forests, which it has developed over almost a hundred years, in accordance with the mutualist values that make up its DNA: love for the land, close contact with the local area and sustainability. Through this film, Groupama elected representatives, members and employees can gain better understanding of the group’s forest assets.