Codigo Viajero

Director: Jesús Cabrera

Producer: Carolina Silva Valencia

Producer Company: Unión Radio Medios



Country: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


Each city has their own codes that speak of the idiosyncrasies and good living of our metropolis. Código Viajero deciphers each town in three visions: the historical, the lifestyle and ordinary citizens, a 360 vision of what it is like to live in a city. A 45-minute program that shows us the charm of our destinations, a tourism factual and comedy traits that will sell the best possible tourism.

A narrative intertwined between the different activities that we will enjoy throughout the program. We will be able to see our talents discovering the history, partying or eating in the most important and iconic restaurants..


Codigo Viajero discover each city in three visions: lifestyle, historical and the best places for the citizens in each town.