Anibal. The architect of Seville

Director: Paco Ortiz

Producer: José Carlos de Isla

Producer Company: Sarao Films SL


Client: Canal Sur

Country: Spain


This is the story of a man and his dream. It is about how a Sevillian icon was built, being nowadays one of the most interesting and worldwide known architectural buildings. This is Anibal Gonzalez’s and the Spanish Square story.

Arturo Pérez-Reverte says that “nobody could ever come up with a city like Seville”. The truth is that there was a time when some chosen men had the chance to transform the physionogmy of the city and create new identity symbols in a millennial city. Since then, Seville has a pending debt with Regionalism. Justice has not been done and the style that nowadays shapes the image of the city itself and the nest that wraps the sublime monumentality have not been acknowledged yet. And it was Anibal Gonzalez who started and lead this movement that perfectly connects with the Sevillian personality, arising as its own style. Seville would not be the same without Anibal’s work and his buildings are already part of the universal history as a legacy that nowadays is worldwide admired.