Director: Olivier Bourgeois

Producer: Olivier Bourgeois

Producer Company: -

Agency: -

Client: Olivier Bourgeois

Country: Andorra


“EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGES” is an international series of short documentaries that explore our world through its natural and cultural heritage.
From San Cristóbal to Santa Cruz to Fernandina and Isabela, the Galapagos Islands are a spectacular and unique experience.
This jewel in the middle of the Pacific is one of the last places on earth where ecosystems have remained intact, untouched by humans.
Only 3% of the surface of the archipelago is inhabited by man. Culture and nature are one, animals and man coexist, life teems in the air, on land and underwater.
Welcome to what is one of the last paradises on earth.


To capture the essence of travel and exploration in the most authentic way possible.
To depict visual poetry to inspire & connect travelers with Galapagos. 
EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGES is a Gateway to the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the World