Producer Company: MORENA FILMS



Country: Spain


Through the human stories behind the entire value chain that gives Spanish wine with most international projection, RIOJA – LA TIERRA DE LOS MIL VINOS, reveals the moment of emergence that the wine region is experiencing, with the talent and contribution of the new generations living side by side with the historic winieries. The equivalence between territory and product, between wisdom and tradition, tracing a bridge between the origins of Rioja and its future. An inmersion in a fascinating world that through captivating photography and careful editing, tries to find the keys to understanding what Rioja wine is and what makes it so special.



Surprising as it may seem, to date there has not been a great documentary about Rioja wine. At least not one like this one with true cinematographic ambition and international projection.

RIOJA, LAND OF THE THOUSAND WINES is a major production directed by the multiple Goya® Award winner and Emmy® Award nominee Jose Luis López-Linares, director of the highest-grossing documentary of 2021 ("Spain, the first globalization") with whom we have already worked in the past.

A genuine "bon vivant", with a special sensitivity to bring high culture to the public, discovering in a poetic and friendly way worlds that we often only know about from above: in this case, the high wine culture. Because everyone has had a Rioja, but how many people really know what a Rioja is?
Following the footsteps of other award-winning gastronomic documentaries directed in the past by López-Linares, which were selected at some of the most important festivals in the world, we have highlighted Rioja wine through a carefully crafted documentary based on a script written by the director himself.

Articulated in three conceptual axes - knowledge, taste and being - RIOJA, LAND OF THE THOUSAND WINES has a careful selection of interviews with national and international personalities. From experts in the world of wine (oenologists, winemakers, historians...) to representatives of the world of culture. Opinion leaders, all of them in love with the Region's wine, with whom the audience will connect in an organic way.

In addition, with wine as the star product that will articulate our narrative, we will also delve into other essential attractions to understand the region where Rioja is made, from gastronomy to the architecture of the monasteries, the Museum of Wine Culture and the influence of the Camino de Santiago.

Once again, an exquisitely well-documented documentary but at the same time emotional, close and vibrant thanks to an impeccable aesthetic - Lopez Linares won in 2006 the Goya Award for Best Cinematography - and a magnificent original musical composed by Jorge Magaz.

We are convinced that our documentary - macerated with all the elements described above - will be able to arouse the interest of the public in all its windows of exploitation: first in the international festival circuit, then in movie theaters and finally through streaming platforms where it will be available to everyone.

At Morena Films we have been producing feature films, documentaries and television series for the international market for more than two decades - including the Goya award winners for Best Film "Campeones" and "Celda 211" and the winner for Best Documentary Film "Hijos de las nubes" - and we are convinced that this project could be a unique opportunity to promote La Rioja, its wine, its people, its tourist attractions and its culture internationally through high quality film content.