The Last Keeper

Director: Tom Opre

Producer: Tom Opre

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Country: United States


Killing the Shepherd: The Last Keeper 

Scotland’s history is romanticised for centuries of bloody feuds, warfare and forced displacement. In the glens today there is unfinished business, fuelled by modern agendas; well-meaning rewilders, urban land reformers and distant corporates plundering carbon markets. 

Reminiscent of the Highland Clearances of the past,  indigenous communities are increasingly an inconvenience for the urban political class and their vision of progress. The targets are farmers, gamekeepers, ghillies, and deer stalkers whose families have been working the land, in some cases, for centuries. The land provides jobs and wages which they use to buy food and pay bills; keep families living in small communities filling local schools with children; and providing active wildlife and habitat management. 

It’s a war for control, a class warfare where traditional wildlife conservation may become as much a victim as the fragile rural communities themselves. The Highland Clearance was a thing of the past but is cultural genocide a part of the future? The answer is echoing through the Glen. 


our goal is to change the perception around modern conservation and reconnect western urban society with Nature by educating our audience on how natural resources can provide for the basic human rights of rural indigenous communities.