Why We Fight - episode 1 : Icelandic expedition (Pourquoi on se bat - épisode 1 : Expédition Islande)

Director: Solal Moisan et Camille Etienne

Producer: Jean-François Camilleri

Producer Company: Echo Studio et 4Humans

Agency: -

Client: TV5 MONDE

Country: France


Camille Etienne is a french climate and social justice activist. With her two best friends, she's about to take to the high seas. Camille, who has been campaigning for several years to raise public awareness of the climate emergency, will be setting off to film the source of her commitment: melting ice.

As they share the intimacy of their journey, from Iceland to Belgium to Savoie, the three friends reveal their intimate transformations, in an ode to life that puts Nature and sensibilitý at the foreront́. Those cognitive dissonances we all struggle against, whether we're young or old. With sincerity, humor and strong determination, they invite us to reconsider our most deeply-rooted certainties and to celebrate life, once again. Because today, our combat is also against denial, helplessness and a feeling of illegitimacy.


Camille wants to encourage the general public to take heed of the ecological emergency. With this journey, Solal wants to experience closely the reality of the emergency. Jade, a dancer, aims to move people beyond language.  

Through this big adventure, the three friends link their personal visions around a common objective in the face of the climate emergency : to fill people with wonder in order to incite them to action.