Wild flower

Director: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer: Albert Vidal Ribes

Producer Company: Vèrtex Creatius, SL

Agency: Vertex Creatius SL

Client: SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

Country: Austria


‘Wild flower’ is a documentary short film created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria), one of Europe’s most influential dance institutions.

The academy’s founder and director, Susan Quinn, provides a poignant voice-over narration, guiding the viewers through the academy’s deeply inspiring journey. A story that is visually brought to life by the videographer through footage captured during the various activities and events held in Salzburg over an intense week of anniversary celebrations.

The short film was not only shot in a week but also edited in record time to be screened on the final day of the commemorative week, just before the closing party. This logistical and creative effort highlights the dedication and commitment of the audiovisual project to deliver a film of significant value to SEAD.

The title ‘Wild flower’ is derived from the name SEAD gave to the dance festival organised for its 30 years jubilee. The metaphor of the wildflower underscores how dance can bloom in both expected and unexpected spots throughout the city, inviting dance enthusiasts to join them in celebrating the urgent and diverse language of dance together.

‘Wild flower’ is not only a tribute to three decades of SEAD’s excellence in dance but also a homage to the discipline’s ability to surprise and inspire, weaving deep connections between SEAD, Salzburg, and the world.


The documentary short film ‘Wild flower’ pursues multiple goals with a deep and professional approach. Firstly, it seeks to commemorate and honour the three decades of SEAD by capturing its essence and showcasing on its legacy and history over these 30 years. Through the heartfelt words of Susan Quinn, the academy’s founder and director, combined with carefully filmed visuals, the film provides an immersion into the spirit of SEAD, bridging the past, present and future, and connecting various generations of individuals and other stakeholders associated with this pioneering institution of contemporary dance in Europe.

Secondly, recognising art and creativity as drivers of change and connection, this short film aspires to have a transformative power, as it invites viewers to reflect on the revolutionary power of dance and art in society, and to appreciate the positive and lasting impact that institutions like SEAD can have on culture and community.