The Last Journey (L'Últim Viatge)

Director: Pere Cabañas

Producer: Robert Melero / Òscar Rodbag / Pere Cabañas

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Country: Spain


Robert Melero is a renowned veterinarian who transports wild animals through his company Zootransfer. This time, starting in 2021 at the height of the pandemic, he will be travelling 3,600 km against the clock, accompanied by brown bears, wolves, deers and lynxes. Their journey starts in Andorra and will take them to different European animal sanctuaries, from England to Greece, in what will be the last journey for these creatures. They are accompanied by Òscar Rodbag, who is in charge of the photographic report, and Pere Cabañas –with the support of Júlia Termes– to film the entire journey and sign this exclusive documentary short film.


To illustrate the whole process of moving a group of wild animals, as well as the process of dismantling a zoo. This process leads us to question (and demolish) the meaning of such facilities in modern society.

Offering a look from the inside and from multiple layers.