Nine to Five in Paradise YORON Island, Japan

Director: Tatsuhiko Esaki

Producer: Yoshiki Iwamoto

Country: Japan


Yoron Island is a beautiful southern paradise island in Japan surrounded by coral reefs. There are 60 different sandy beaches around the island, most of which are private beaches, and renown as one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Japan.
Also, it is fun to interact with the friendly people on the island, along with the beautiful nature, its unique culture, and delicious food.

This video was created to promote family workation on Yoron Island, a paradise in the south.
The point-of-view workation video, taken from the father's perspective, appeals to long-term workations that allows him to enjoy traveling with family while working.

Blue beaches and blue skies - welcome to "Yoron Blue".
Water so clear, you see right through it. The ocean and sky blend together to create true bliss. Experience the unique island culture, food and people in your next unforgettable adventure.


For people to understand what a workation on Yoron island might be like, and implement a long term workation with family