Vienna Sleeping Beauty - Sunrise

Director: Ioan Gavriel

Producer: N/A

Producer Company: Vienna Film Commission


Client: Vienna Film Commission

Country: Austria


The idea to produce a new showreel arised from the first pandemic lockdown in March 2020. The Vienna Film Commission has used this exceptional situation to gain something positive from it.
During the lockdown, the city center of Vienna was uncommonly empty, the perfect opportunity to capture all the beauty and variety of the city's locations and architecture in extraordinary images.
From the extensive footage taken in the early morning, including helicopter and drone shots,
"Vienna Sleeping Beauty - Sunrise" was created. It is accompanied by music from the Viennese band Buntspecht.


The main goal is to bring international projects to Vienna, so that the city gets more highlighted as filming location, also in regard to the economic impact of productions and the employment of local filming crews.
Another goal is to attract location scouts coming to Vienna to give them an impression of the broad variety of locations.