Welcome to Paradise - YORON Island, Japan

Director: Tatsuhiko Esaki

Producer: Yoshiki Iwamoto

Country: Japan


"Yoron Island is located in Japan's Kagoshima prefecture.
Yoron Island is known for the beautiful, blue ocean, also known as Yoron blue. An island full of beautiful scnery and nature, along with a lasting culture to fill the heart.
The project consists of three videos - a family workation, a luxury version using a couple influencers, and Yoron Blue that focuses on the water and nature surrounding the island.
Would like to nominate the Digest video that wraps up the three videos."


The goals of the film is to reach an audience that was unaware of the island's existence, and have them visit Yoron island. Would like to get families and young adults to come for an extended period of time, either for relaxation or workation purposes. Key areas include East Asia, ASEAN countries, and Australia.