The Time Has Come!

Director: Telmo de Campos Martins

Producer: Tourism Center of Portugal

Producer Company:



Country: PT


This film has as an emotional structure the restart and the possibilities it brings, for example, to feel everything as if it were the first time. In fact, and as the voice of the film narrates, when was the last time you felt something like the first time. A creative rationale that takes viewers of the film to the first times, to childhood, to trips, to new experiences but also to those we have done so many times that they are no longer valued.
Tourism Center of Portugal has a great social responsibility in the way it communicates. It is necessary to understand that nothing is or will remain as it was afer COVID-19, there are many risks and as the state of emergency is lifted, life will have to continue with many precautions.
So, we have to communicate the destination and its products, but always with delicacy and sensitivity, showing balance, rationality and concern for tourists. That's what we did when, at the beginning of this pandemic crisis, we launched the ?There will be time? campaign, advising people to stay at home in social isolation. We intended to be on the side of the ?solution?, so that, with care and caution, this whole crisis could be resolved as quickly as possible and with the least possible impact on the lives of all of us.
But we continued to work, aware that one day, that time would come. And this is what we intend to announce with this ?The time has come? campaign.
This ?time?, which we now announce, presupposes a vast and intense work downstream of concern for the safety of tourists, with helping companies and entrepreneurs, city councils and different institutions, to prepare the destination for this new context. We try, above all, to follow the consumer's ""state of mind"", to understand what he thinks and feels at the moment in relation to the world, the way of traveling and socializing. We try to get to the emotional background of these issues and find the idea, the concept that intensely concentrated the will to live, to leave, to return. 


After the pandemic of COVID-19, the tourism of proximity, destinations to which we can travel by car, avoiding places with many people, will be the tendency. So, internal tourism will be fundamental, and this is our target group. We always believe in the importance of internal tourism (available all year), and nowadays it is more important to destinations like Center of Portugal.