Across Her Body (Sobre Su Cuerpo)

Director: Zacharias Mavroeidis

Producer: Zacharias Mavroeidis, Vicky Miha

Country: GR


Every July 31, Mrs. Irene and the last remaining ?fifteeners? return to the obsolete Monastery of the Accession, on Therasia, the little known sister island of cosmopolitan Santorini. For two weeks they stay in the empty cells, praying for the health of their beloved ones, preparing the Monastery for the celebration of the Accession and recalling the past while gazing at the tourist traffic across the volcanic bay.


ACROSS HER BODY documents the fading tradition of ?Fifteen? focusing on two elderly women: Mrs. Irene, the social center of the ephemeral community, and Miss Magda, the once prestigious daughter of the former priest of the Monastery.

The film questions issues of faith, identity and gender by correlating the deserted body of Therasia with the sacred body of the Virgin and the aging bodies of the ?fifteeners?. It?s an homage to an archetype of motherhood that is becoming obsolete in modern Greece.