Patagonia Park - A Journey into the Wild

Director: Lucas Alain - Matthieu Le Mau


Country: FRA


This is the story of Kristine and Douglas Tompkins (owners of the brands "The North Face", "Esprit" and "Patagonia") who suddenly sold their businesses to invest their fortune in purchase of huge land in Chilean Patagonia to develop a unique ecological project. : create the PATAGONIA PARK


Kris and Douglas' s approach, which they themselves call deep ecology, consists in erasing all traces left by man: dismantling countless fences, tearing out exotic plants, moving livestock, limiting access, and so on. .. This is to allow nature to regain its rights and make it a haven for ever more threatened wildlife.
This work is also accompanied by scientific studies such as the monitoring of populations of pumas or huemuls (an endemic deer in the process of extinction).

Today, thanks to the unique philanthropy and disinterestedness of these passionate ecologists, the economy and landscapes of the region are moving towards a revolution of unprecedented form!

Through the eyes and voice of Kristine Tompkins, this 52-minute film tells the story of a natural park like no other, after 15 years of efforts it has just offered these restored lands in Chile in exchange for a promise: to become a national park.