A Sustainable Journey

Director: Keith Partridge

Producer: Carol Ritchie

Country: DEU


This short film portrays the story of a traveller seeking to escape the pressures of everyday life to a different kind of tourism. The traveller explores different aspectsof protected areas realising that he, through his choices, can affect the local environment, culture and economy. He sees too that the places he visits are places where people live and work and that they have to be respected and looked after. He finds that sustainable tourism is good for him and good for nature.


The objective of the film is to raise awareness among travellers and local communities on the importance of sustainable tourism.For the production of this film, sustainable industries and local producers certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism were meticulously selected and recorded in order to lead with the example for future sustainable destinations. The film is an invitationto the viewers to make a similar holiday choice.