Our Beat. Our Sound. Our Home

Director: Clemens Huebner

Producer: Tina Illgen

Producer Company:





The spot shows pristine nature and modern cities, working people and those enjoying their leisure. We see sports and mobility. And we see industry, crafts and economy, ancient and modern art, culture, tradition and modernity, educational facilities and pioneering research. The images are consistently accompanied by suitable and prototypical sounds. In just 43 seconds, the spot paints a big and vivid picture of Saxony and its diversity which welcomes everyone who wants to experience it.


The spot was produced in August 2016 as part of the „Simply Saxony” image campaign and shows Saxony’s many facets – with images as well as with sounds. Aim of this short ad is, to show Saxony as a multifarious state within Germany. Since there is a German and an English version of the spot, it addresses locals as well as other people from other countries. The spot aims to show its audience how beautiful and versatile Saxony is.