Azul Profundo / Isla de Pascua, la magia del ombligo del mundo

Director: Fernando García

Producer: Fernando García



The journalist Amaro Gómez-Pablos lives in the flesh the most risky and curious activities that are practiced in the seas of Chile. In each chapter, Amaro will be the crew member of an offshore adventure. It will travel more than 3 thousand kilometers long of the Chilean coasts to show the most unknown, extreme and hardworking works that are carried out. And the invaluable natural and cultural heritage that exists around the coasts of Chile.


Azul Profundo is a TV series that in 12 chapters aims to show a paradoxically unknown world for a country that is flanked throughout its territory by the Pacific Ocean. To make known the sacrificed routine of men and women, in an environment of dazzling natural beauty, is the initial objective of Azul Profundo, to contribute to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage around the coasts of Chile.