Riverbanks. A orillas del río Baker: Colonos y aventuras

Director: Fernando García

Producer: Fernando García



What stories do our rivers keep?

Culture and geography, heritage and personages, undertakings and catastrophes. Around the rivers of Chile, dazzling stories have sprung up. Between the birth of its waters and the mouth in the sea, the rivers open their way as great arteries that allow the life of thousands of people, peoples and ecosystems from remote times to the present day. Driven by Alipio Vera, On the banks of the river will be a tour of Chile, where we will discover fascinating stories, characters of villages and hamlets, customs and traditions, mysteries and legends, and the wonderful flora and fauna that our rivers generate.


Riverbanks is a television series found in each of the 20 chapters found in the stories that exist around the rivers of Chile, which originate in the Andes Mountains and flow into the Pacific Ocean. the objective of contributing to the valuation and conservation of the natural and cultural heritage that exists throughout Chile, around its rivers.