The mysteries of Takht-e Soleyman (Solomon King's Theron)

Director: Armin Isarian

Producer: Armin Isarian



Every part of the world has a name; a name that represents it; but ??Takht ??e Soleyman? is not just a place. According to the historical documents and myths, it is Zoroaster??s birthplace, Iran??s ancient prophet, and legends say that in a period of history it was ruled by Solomon King. It is a labyrinth of the history of civilization. A site with more than three thousands of age. The beating heart of ??Takht-e Soleyman? is a mysterious and legendary lake. Its water is naturally poisoned with arsenic and heavy metals. As a result, no living organism can be found there. In religious ceremonies or after victories in wars, kings threw treasures in it, due to its unreachable depth. According to the history and legends, the grail cup of Jesus Christ and original Jerusalem Cross are resting at a depth of more than a hundred meters for many centuries. Iran??s Zoroastrians still perform their ancestor??s ceremonies in the ruins of Azargoshasb temple. ??Takht-e Soleyman? that was recognized as A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, is A combination of Iran??s architecture and its three thousand years of culture. ??Zendan-e Soleyman? sedimentary mountain, an empty hollow volcano crater, is ??Takht-e Soleyman? twin sister. ??Chamli-goli? lake with its astonishing floating island is another amazing phenomenon of ??Takht-e Soleyman?. This attractive part of the world with its wonders and rich culture is calling you ?


To introduce Takht-e Soleyman to domestic and international tourists, to discover the unknown mysteries of it