Portugal Genial - Mantas Alentejanas

Director: I'M IN MOTION

Producer: I'M IN MOTION



This time Portugal Genial goes to alentejo to learn about a living patrimony weaved for centuries now. The "Mantas Alentejanas" are one of the biggest regional brand images and it´s them that tell the tale. Warn in the past by shepherds of sheep as blankets to keep warm, nowadays, the "Mantas Alentejanas" have been reinvented, and in spite of the few looms still working, some were salvage and used as  decorative carpets on reference portuguese hospitality... we went on a journey to try to find what can be done to preserve this symbol of our Portugal.


The objective of this piece is namely to sensitize for the importance of preserving the of traditional handcrafted arts, in this specific case by giving a new purpose to the blankets.