Colonos de La Flor





Portrait of a small town farmer and rancher in the middle of the missionary jungle in Argentina, where the testimonies of the arrival to the place with very little or almost nothing, are mixed with affective histories and the daily tasks of provision of food. "Colonos de La Flor" is a pictorial and human documentary about the feeling of belonging and the struggle for the land.


Twenty years ago I started going to Colonia La Flor. Being my oil painting office, this jungle place served me with deep inspiration. With time the interest passed from the landscapes to the people of the place, the settlers. Painting was no longer the language to record its simple and lively life, its jobs with ox carts and the contact with the earth. It was then that I decided to bet on the cinematographic language. Based on a daily record and interviews, I focused on the experience of the arrival of what is now his town and the description of his minimal stories, his longings and desires for the future.